Alessandro Costacurta reckons AC Milan as Strongest Team

Alessandro Costacurta reckons that AC Milan, by no means, is the strongest team in Italy at the moment and clearly not a team which has the credentials to cover the distance to Europe, but, their coach’s tactics is making them look stronger than they are and it’s because of those tactics that they might actually end up punching above their weight and achieving the Europe qualification.

As per Costacurta, the present coach Montella has made the group stable. With some of the previous coaches at helm, there was a bit of madness and the players were trying to play the Football they were not capable of, but, now there is a clear message and that is to focus on keeping the ball as much as possible and letting it go at the right time with some accuracy. While this kind of system might not be fancy, it’s very rewarding which one can easily realise seeing Milan’s success.

Recalling his own days of the late nineties, the season of 98-99, when he was donning the Rossoneri jersey under Alberto Zaccheroni, Costacurta says that at that time also, Milan was not good enough for a top three finish, but, let alone finishing in top three, they won the league itself that season and it was because of a number of ‘team-performances’ and not individual performances. Similarly, in the current season, it’s only the team performances which are taking Milan forward and thus there is no reason why it can’t turn into a title run again.

However, in the opinion of Costacurta, if he was Montella, he would try and beef up the backline in the winters by roping in someone in the heart of defence because that is sort of a weak area for Milan.







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