Month: October 2020

Zlatan making good recovery from injury, say Milan


AC Milan announced on Thursday that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is recovering well from his injury. There have been speculations regarding his future and the contract with AC Milan is coming to an end the doubts regarding his future has only increased. He was transferred from the American club LA Galaxy to AC Milan in December 2019 for a six-month contract. He made his first appearance on January 2020. He has scored four goals from 10 matches. He has been contributing well to the club and his teammates have praised him for his support to the club.

Ibrahimovic has been faced with many injuries since his arrival at the club. He has been injured in the calf during last month which raised doubts on his future. The club has recently stated that he is recovering from the injury. He has undergone hospital checkups and they have confirmed that he is on the path of recovery.