Month: April 2016

Silvio Berlusconi confirms about Sinisa Mihajlovic as Coach

Silvio Berlusconi has confirmed that Sinisa Mihajlovic will stay on as the coach of AC Milan if he manages to win the Coppa Italia.

The Italian outfit have been in decline for quite a while. None of the managers have been able to reveal the club, as the problem largely appears to arise from the owner. The lack of investments in playing staff mean that managers have not been able to get consistent results.Mihajlovic looked to have found a way in the first few weeks of the season, but he has not been able to arrest the slide that since followed.

Milan are now sixth in the Italian Serie A and they can potentially hope to finish in the Europa league places. However, Berlusconi is more concerned about ending the season with a trophy. He has set the target of winning the Coppa Italia, which the club last won in the 2002-03 season. Since Milan have been without trophies since the 2010-11 season, winning this will be a major boost to the confidence of the players. Berlusconi says that he will not consider changing the manager at the end of the campaign if the Coppa Italia comes to the San Siro.

Mihajlovic is unlikely to find any shortage of interested parties, as he has been linked with Lazio.“I’ve never given negative judgments about Mihajlovic, it’s the newspapers that have just copied and pasted.I think that if Milan beat Juventus in the Coppa Italia, he would deserve to stay on as Coach.I only complained about seeing a Milan I didn’t like and I don’t know how this is to be attributed to the Coach or the club that didn’t know how to sign the right players.It’s not just Mihajlovic’s fault,” said the Milan owner to a radio station.