Month: March 2015

Filippo Inzaghi generating Positives even after Poor Form

You have to be an eternal optimist to be able to take positives out of a very poor performance.

And, Filippo Inzaghi definitely seems to be one that sort of a person.

The man just does not lose heart. He does not look beaten no matter what.

AC Milan’s outing versus Chievo was not their first disappointing show in the season. There have been plenty of those over the summer and in the early parts of the winter too.

Any manager at Inzaghi’s place would have got a bit ruffled and would have tried to find excuses, but, the 41-year old has been graceful till this point of time.

Again while speaking to the media after that Chievo Game; he tried to pick out the good things about his team rather than pinpointing someone for the undesired scoreless draw.

Chievo was actually an opponent which the Rossoneri were backed to defeat and they would have been confident enough themselves to do that despite the fact that they were playing away.

And, they created opportunities. It’s not that the opposition outplayed them. But, as has been the case so many times in the recent past, they just found ways of ruing those opportunities.

When Inzaghi was asked about his take on the Chievo result, he said, “Being an optimist, I always see the positives and one of the positives in this game was that our defence was good and it’s two games in a row now that we have not conceded a goal. So, that’s something that I am glad about, but, of course, when you don’t take your opportunities, it hurts you as you are playing against good teams at this level.”

Milan is standing mid way in the Italian top flight table. They will face Verona in their next game on 7th of March.