Month: April 2015

Massimiliano Allegri was the last coach

Massimiliano Allegri was the last coach that managed to lift the Serie A title with Ac.Milan and this accomplishment was achieved back on May of 2011 which was when Ac.Milan won the 2010-11 season of the Italian League and were crowned as the champions of Italy but ever since then things have begun to fall apart for them as the team has switched managers on a number of occasions and still continue to underperform.

The current struggle that Ac.Milan is going through is very clear as the Italian outfit is even having discussions with investors and businessman in order to change ownership of the club.

Despite all of the things that the Italian side has been experiencing, this has not stopped GennaroGattuso in stating that he would like to be in charge of Ac.Milan someday.

The former Ac.Milan player GennaroGattuso said: “I left Milan because, after 14 years it was the right time to leave. One day I hope to train them, because it is a club close to my heart. However, I know that there is a long road to get to that position. This is a dark time, but we must not forget that for 25 years the Berlusconi family has made many great sacrifices for the club and achieved great victories.”

Gattuso spent over 10 years performing for Ac.Milan where he managed to win major titles such as: Serie A on 2 occasions and the Champions League twice as well. When he decided to hang up his boots and retire, the Italian midfielder decided to start a coaching career and decided to take charge of Sion on February of 2013 but he was sacked after only 3 months.

The coaching career of Gattuso continued on when he was named as the manager of Palermo but he suffered the same fate as he was sacked in less than a year after coaching the team

Gattuso is currently not the manager of any team but he voiced his desire in returning to Ac.Milan as a coach instead of a player and taking into consideration that Ac.Milan has been giving their older performers with the chance to coach the team, it’s not so far-fetched to believe that someday Gattuso might actually fulfill his dream.