Month: July 2012


AC Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani has said that the club will be looking to replace Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic with another champion. The 30-year-old former Inter Milan player is extremely close to sealing a move to French club PSG.

This comes as a major shocking news for the AC Milan fans, who have already seen the departure of defender Thiago Silva to the French capital. It is expected that AC Milan will receive around £ 50 million in total for both players. However, due to the severe financial constraints affecting the club at the moment, AC Milan will not spend all of the money received from the sale of the two icons.

Yet, Adriano Galliani has insisted that AC Milan will not be replacing Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a substandard player, but will be looking to get a champion in his place. He has also reiterated the fact that former Manchester City striker Robinho will stay at the club, despite reports linking him with a return to his former club Santos. The 28-year-old has grown frustrated about the lack of opportunities in the AC Milan first-team, but he should now get more opportunities following the departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was the top scorer of the division last season.

“A champion will arrive in attack. There is time until August 31. I told the directors of Santos that I am not selling him and that he will remain at Milan. When he heard who responded, he was terrified. But then I told him that as far as we’re concerned, there are no problems with Destro [going] to Roma,” Adriano Galliani said after the departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic was unveiled on the official website of the club. The former Barcelona forward joined the club only two seasons ago, but has been hugely successful at the San Siro.