There is a lot going on in the AC Milan camp right now. With their key forward Antonio Cassano out for the season due to heart surgery and other health issues, Milan are trying to focus their efforts of the transfer window on getting their forward line stronger: they are currently competing with others big clubs to ensure that they manage to make the transfer deal with Carlos Tevez a success.

AC Milan are so adamant and focused on transferring this Argentinian striker that they have kept all other transfer deals at a standstill, and will evaluate them if they don’t get their man: the transfer of players like Maxi Lopez and the others have all been abandoned till Tevez’s transfer becomes a success. The Tevez transfer, meanwhile, is at a crucial stage.

Delegates from Milan have gone to finalize the deal with Manchester City, who currently the home club of Carlos Tevez.

Milan are hoping to get an initial loan deal for the season followed by a transfer for around 17 million dollars; but the Chairman of Manchester city said he would prefer if it is a straight deal which would be for a total of 25 million dollars.

It seems AC Milan are waiting for the end of January to see if they can force Manchester City into making a deal. They can already be seen trying to make earnest efforts to ensure that the deal is finalized with them, but are making sure that there are no loose ends.

Milan are already leading the chase for Tevez, but there effort can only be termed fruitful if they manage to get their man. They realize the importance of this transfer (it would certainly help to improve their best Champions League odds of winning) and whether Tevez can lead them to future glory…

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