Kramaric is role model of Filippo Inzaghi

Filippo Inzaghi is the role model of Andrej Kramaric, the 23-year old footballer from Croatia, who is on the radar of many Italian clubs at the moment.

According to Kramaric, he had first seen Inzaghi playing for Juventus back in the late nineties and he became the fan of the striker instantly.

Speaking in an interview of his a couple of days ago, the youngster said, “Filippo was one of the best strikers in his time. He was fantastic at Juventus, and then, obviously, at San Siro, he took his game to another level. He was my role model in my teenage years. I wanted to play like him.”

When asked about him being linked with a lot of clubs including AC Milan, Kramaric said, “Well, playing for Milan or for Internazionale for that matter would be an honour. If I get any such opportunity, I would not let it go, that is for certain.”

“However, presently here at Rijeka, I am feeling quite comfortable. I am in pretty good zone and I believe I am playing as well as I have ever played. So, there’s not going to be any hurry from my side as far as making a move is concerned.”

The reports say that both Inter Milan as well as AC Milan is interested in Kramaric after his continuous impressive showings in the league in Croatia.

Kramaric’s strike rate at Rijeka is almost 1 goal per match. He has featured for his club in 38 matches in the last one and half years and has shaken the net 37 times.
The young man made his debut in international football too in August this year playing against Cyprus. He secured an assist to his name in that friendly fixture.

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