AC Milan Might Transfer Bacca

With the summer transfer window opened up, many teams and their managers are focusing on sprucing up their team and looking to gain potential players from other teams whom they feel will be able to contribute significantly for the team.

West Ham is now looking at picking up Carlos Bacca who currently plays for AC Milan. Indeed, this Italian football club is a premier breeding ground for footballers and many clubs hope to cash in on the talent that is nurtured by these clubs.

The east London team is rumored to put in an offer of £25.7m for picking up the 29 year old players. AC Milan on their side, also need to take certain calls as to the players they wish to hold on and the players they are willing to let go. It is coincidental that they are willing to let go of Carlos Bacca as well.

The striker of Columbian origin would certainly be able to contribute significantly to any team he joins. The large sum being offered by West Ham reflects the skills and talents that the club feels the striker would bring to their club front. Talks would begin shortly between the representative of the player and the club. The Hammers would be putting forward their bid for the striker. This player deems a Columbian international player.

Slaven Bilic of West Ham is looking to strengthen the front line of players to the club and this striker would definitely be a good fit for that strategy. Milan on the other hand, would be looking to replace the position that would be emptied by the striker by bringing on Diego Costa who is a Chelsea forward player. Bacca is said to have netted about 18 goals in Serie A games in the last season.

He had become the regular player to start any game for the Milan outfit. This has been the trend for the last four years he was with the club.

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