Abbiati makes his return to Ac.Milan as a club manager

Amidst all the rumors and issues that are going on involving the future of the 18 year old superstar Gianluigi Donnarumma, something significantly big has emerged involving a retiree that used to perform in Ac.Milan.

Christian Abbiati used to perform for Ac.Milan from 1998 until 2016, during this period of time; he was able to life the UEFA Champions League and 3 Serie A pieces of silverware as well as a few other trophies.

In that time-lapse of 30 years. Abbiati managed to make over 250 appearances with the Italian club. There was a point in time when he was the undisputed 1st choice shot-stopper of Ac.Milan but his influence in San Siro was slowly diminishing as other players such as: Gianluigi Donnarumma and Diego Lopez were making more appearances in the first team.

During the Serie A season of 2015-16, Abbiati only performed for 71 minutes while Gianluigi Donnarumma enjoyed being at the pitch for 2,629 minutes and even Diego Lopez had a much more active role than Christian Abbiati who decided to retire at the end of the season.

It has recently been announced that the retiree has made his return to Ac.Milan as the club manager.

Ac.Milan confirmed it as they released a statement which read: “He will report directly to the club’s sporting and technical director Massimiliano Mirabelli and will be the liaison between the team and the club,”

Upon making return to Ac.Milan, Christian Abbiati did not hesitate in voicing what he wants the Italian club to accomplish as the former shot-stopper said:

“The Champions League has to be our goal for the season. That has to be the launch point from which to start again. Last year they did good work and now we’ve started with a project to take us forward. We hope to do everything to reach fourth place.”

From the looks of it, the UEFA Champions League is the goal of Christian Abbiati as he will attempt to do whatever he can in order to see Ac.Milan competing in the prestigious European competition which they last won back during the season of 2006-07 with Ricardo Kaka ending up as the top goal-scorer with 10 goals.


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