AC Milan have faced so many problems over the last five years

AC Milan have faced so many problems over the last five years that former coach Carlo Ancelotti believes that it will be tough for the team to think about immediate success even after the appointment of SinisaMihajlovic.



AC Milan have confirmed through a statement that midfielder Nigel de Jong will not be available for the match against Juventus on Saturday. This will be one of the crucial matches for Milan in their attempts to recover from a deep well.


Ac.Milan’s Sinisa Mihajlovic has a huge mountain to climb in his first season

Sinisa Mihajlovic is the 4th manager that has taken over Ac.Milan since January of 2014. Mauro Tassotti, Clarence Seedorf and Filippo Inzaghi were all of the former managers of the Italian club that had to be removed from their managerial position after a disappointing season.

Mauro Tassotti was the only one who wasn’t sacked as he only served as an interim manager and still has a close relationship with Ac.Milan as he is working as a talent scout for the Italian outfit.

AC Milan have been given the green light for New Building

AC Milan have been given the green light towards building a new stadium that will see them on the path towards self-sufficiency.

The club has been sharing its San Siro ground with arch rivals Inter Milan for several years, but even this ground does not belong to the club. Instead, it belongs to the city and hence there are no income and revenue to be had from this massive stadium. San Siro has a capacity of more than 80,000 fans. Now, Milan will be moving to a much smaller ground, but one that could get them around £ 50 million per year according to Barbara Berlusconi.


Unai Emery has not dismissed the rumours linking him with the vacant managerial job at AC Milan

Sevilla coach Unai Emery has not dismissed the rumours linking him with the vacant managerial job at AC Milan. The Italian outfit are looking for a new manager after deciding to part company with Filippo Inzaghi just 12 months into his job.


Massimiliano Allegri was the last coach

Massimiliano Allegri was the last coach that managed to lift the Serie A title with Ac.Milan and this accomplishment was achieved back on May of 2011 which was when Ac.Milan won the 2010-11 season of the Italian League and were crowned as the champions of Italy but ever since then things have begun to fall apart for them as the team has switched managers on a number of occasions and still continue to underperform.

Filippo Inzaghi generating Positives even after Poor Form

You have to be an eternal optimist to be able to take positives out of a very poor performance.

And, Filippo Inzaghi definitely seems to be one that sort of a person.

The man just does not lose heart. He does not look beaten no matter what.

AC Milan’s outing versus Chievo was not their first disappointing show in the season. There have been plenty of those over the summer and in the early parts of the winter too.

Any manager at Inzaghi’s place would have got a bit ruffled and would have tried to find excuses, but, the 41-year old has been graceful till this point of time.

Ac.Milan barely won against Sassuolo

Ac.Milan just barely managed to defeat Sassuolo in their Coppa Italia match as the scoreboard displayed 2-1 which was just enough for Filippo Inzaghi and his players to book their spot into the next rounds of the Italian competition.
Lazio also was able to win their Coppa Italia match which was against Torino and now Lazio will be facing off with Ac.Milan in the quarter-final rounds.



Fernando Torres has never really managed to play as well as he did during his time as a player of Athletic Madrid and Liverpool which was some years ago. When Torres played in Liverpool, he formed an attacking partnership with Steven Gerrard that was groundbreaking but ever since leaving Anfield, Fernando Torres has not been able to score goals on a consistent basis.


Kramaric is role model of Filippo Inzaghi

Filippo Inzaghi is the role model of Andrej Kramaric, the 23-year old footballer from Croatia, who is on the radar of many Italian clubs at the moment.

According to Kramaric, he had first seen Inzaghi playing for Juventus back in the late nineties and he became the fan of the striker instantly.